One. Week.

Let it be known, lines don’t really exist in Israel. It’s more or less just a free for all. All the time. Coffee is also a bit of a conundrum. You can get espresso and you can get instant coffee, but real live drip coffee is proving elusive. 

Sun, on the other hand, is not. It’s still February and I’ve been traipsing around without a coat for over a week. Coming from three feet of snow and frigid temperatures, this is exhilarating. 

I’ve been doing a lot of cafe camping. Ostensibly, I’ve been working, in reality I’ve mostly been people watching. Similarly, what with the weather, I’ve been doing a lot of wandering. So far I’ve hit French Hill, Hebrew University, Jaffa Street, the Shouk, and the big park near the Israel Museum. I also got to go to a Vertigo performance, which was all sorts of awesome. It got me really excited to be here for the first time since I was accepted in October. 

The next five months are gonna be good folks. Per J.L Austin, now I’ve said it, and now they have no choice.