I’m still alive…

just been hiding out. 

What remaining sanity I have has been sponsored by Gordon Webster’s Live in Philadelphia album, with additional support from Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess, as well as Gomez and Sufjan Stevens. 

The last few weeks have been insane. I literally don’t think that I’ve made to the grocery store in 2.5 weeks. That’s bad. 

Other depressing statistics: It’s been more then a week since I swung out, it’s 34 degrees here and normally doesn’t go below 50, and I’ve been stood up by two people in the last three days. Bah. My worst nightmare: Dressed up with nowhere to go.

Less depressing news: I successfully made it through our first weekend of Nutcracker shows, even garnering a few nice compliments along the way. We have three left this weekend, and then we are off contract for three weeks. Hallelujah. 

I am al of a sudden a certified Princeton Review SAT tutor. (I know. What?) I’m still waiting for a bunch of paperwork to get processed but hopefully I will be getting set up with students starting very soon. I think it could be fun… 

In order to get the above certification (after the initial application/audition process) I had to go to Charlotte, NC for a weekend. Due to the totally lackluster public transportation in the southeast, how did I do that? Despite a great deal of dismay on my part, I rented a car, and drove there. By myself. I’m pretty sure that’s the farthest I’ve ever driven alone (It’s just shy of four hours, but I don’t drive much), and I had no problems. I can drive! I can! I can! I’m even getting reimbursed for the rental/gas and my hotel, the hours I spent training, and my meals are all paid for. Amazing!

What else… I thought I might be taking on a new restaurant job at a bar I’m rather fond of, but that seems to have fallen through. On the other hand, I bought a lovely new dress as a Chanukah present to myself last week, wore it the Tristan holiday party, and proceeded to win $550 at Wheel of Fortune. Goodbye Credit Card Bill. Thank you Buddha. 

Clearly I’ve got lots to be happy about/thankful for. I guess I just wish that there were more people here that I could share it all with (and show off my exciting new outfits to :P). I kind of live for the hour I spend on the phone with my mother every week updating her on my life. Please know that I live vicariously thorough all of you -  your phone calls and emails and FB updates. I miss you and hopefully will see many of you in the upcoming weeks.

All my love,

H the Z